My name is Nayef .I'm from U.A.E . I'm not 20 years old , I'm 18 years old . I have 3 brothers and one sister .We are 7 people in my family ,of course , including my parents. My favorite food is meat,just like my borther. I like to go to the cinema with my friend in the weekend . My best friend is my cousin . His name is Faysl .We have been friends for about 4 or 5 years . I don't have a favorite movie or song ,but I have a favorite movie star . He's Tom Cruise.

Getting ready to sleep

My friend and Me

My friend in the same age like me. Dama go to Dibba to watch cars. My friend name is Faisal. Always go to Abu Dhabi and Watch movies in the cinema. After that we go to the Corniche with me to enjoy our friends . And sometimes go to Al caser . We are friends of 4 and 5 years and then we knew we are cousins.Always .and what helps me in my problems and I help him in his problems, for example if the call from the school to make him come out and get myself like his father. It was a nice days.

My hobbies


I enjoy taking pictures. My favorite pictures are for the sae . Their smiles on the pictures remind me of the times that they were taken. Most summers I take them to McCrory Gardens in August when the flowers are in full bloom to capture not only the beauty of my children but the beauty of nature, as well. I love pictures of sunsets that I have taken, especially with the water reflections of the ocean.

I enjoy being active, staying fit, feeling well, and just being healthy. My favorite season is summer because I love the outdoors. My main mode of transportation in the summer is bicycling. I also enjoy rollerblading, walking, swimming, lifting weights, doing pilates, yoga, step, and other exercise classes. My favorite form of exercise involves being active with friends or family whether it be playing tag, swinging on swings at the park, climbing indoor rock walls, or doing pilates with a group of friends.

My daily life


I woke up at 7 every day. But sometimes I wake up at 9 that it depends on the times ofthe university.

At 7and a half go to universitytolearnthe rules of English.Then goto thegymin his spare time.Then go tomy friendsat the university and spend time in the canteen.

At the end of the week, go to the mall with me and my friends spend enjoyable timesthere and sometimes we go to the sea and sit on the beach. At the end of the day go the restaurant and eat and go to sleep and relax for the next day.

Sometimes eat eggs at breakfast but at the end of the week to eat what I like.

My favorite weekly activity Go to the movies judiciary after some time my friends and then go to the gym to exercis.

Sometimes when you do not go with my friends abroad to spend my time with my familyand ask for dinner from outside. And then watch some movies on TV or play some games.

MY Family

We are nine people in my family, whom I, of course, and we are four brothers and one sister. I mean in my family there is more to me is my brother and Kaba and 20 years oldand working in ADNOC and younger than me and is the youngest in the house but whenmy mother spoiled. I would love to work from my father because he is such a professionthat I want in the future and I am very pleased that he worked there and I'm proud of it, andI am pleased to Hama and worked in the police. I love and I love the attention of my mother and my brothers and fear us. But I like to spend my time with my family and me at the end of the week.

My Country and Culture


There are many historical things I say about my country but I will say two of them. There when united, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him. We haveunited the 7 Arab countries and made ​​it one country independent and renamed the Emirates. And because of that celebrates UAE National Day every year and beautifulevents occur all over the state. I love my country and there are many things to say aboutmy country but I will tell why I love my country because I grew up between the wings andabundant fruits.

Because I tell you about the holidays in my country and most beautiful one and the best are Eid al-Fitr, and Hama Eid is the Muslim fasting in it and after Hama month comesEid al-Fitr and the piece nowadays start eating as you wish. And the National Day is afestival in my Why a normal day because he Hama is the day to our own where our Sheikh, Sheikh Zayed may Allah have mercy on him and made ​​us one emirate. But nowhis children are the rule of the UAE and made ​​it prosperous and multicultural science.

In the UAE, there are kinds of food cost, including: Mende, Blalait, mash ... but I like the most rewarding is Makbous chicken, Hazh eaters are like that. There are many places in my country and is the Khalifa Tower in Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, the island of Yas HotelAtlas in Abu Dhabi, but there are types of malls in Dubai Mall of the Emirates there is nopiece in an industrial mall ice in the summer. and the largest aquarium in Dubai Mall, is quite large.

My Future

I want to study investment and free trade at Zayed University, but first I want to my best my studies now. After my best my studies at Zayed University will open the investments andGoods and Real Estate in order to become a merchant. I want to work after my studiesand that because I want to go to the police and work for them. I like Italy but I want to go tothe country's natural beauty and tourist so I want to go to Switzerland.
Frankly I do not want to live in my country is and I work with and Asaahm to protect andmake the country famous and become one of the greatest nations.
There are some dreams I would be realized in the future. I want to prolong my Lord
-oldfather and mother and my brothers.

My favorite Movie My film did not have a favorite favorite in the truth because I know that all the films do notrepresent where I'm blown away or impressed by the film more than another Flam. But I like the excitement and fantasy and horror and ridiculous, but I hate drama and real-life stories. Exclamatory something more horror movies because it made ​​me feel Alepeshand fear as especially movies and ghosts and demons. But I have no favorite or even a favorite Mmmthel. I like Tom Cruise very important in his film is Mission impossible 4.