All About Me


My name is Nasser Mohammed. I am 21 years old. I am from Saudi Arabia and I live in ALShamkha. I have 3brothers and 3 sisters. I am the eldest one in the family, so they all respect me. My father does not like jokes. He is a man who is serious most of the times, but he is good-hearted and loves to help us in everything .He is not fat or skinny, but has a moderate body,. He has a factory for iron. My favorite food is rice with chicken. It is a delicious meal. My mother cooks it very well. I am a student at Zayed University. It has around 4000 students .I just study English in my university. Every summer I travel to Saudi Arabia to visit my family in Jeddah and meet my friends, Jeddah is very beautiful, especially in summer because the atmosphere be fun to go to the sea and swimming there is also going to Mecca for Umrah and pray there.

I made new friends like Walid and Abdul Rahman, Hamad, My best friend is Hamad. Hamad is good and respectable man he likes to wash a lot, his body is also good, not fat or skinny and he likes to buy expensive clothes I do not know why, but his taste in clothes is excellent. Is now a student at the university and works . I have known him before 2 years.

My best friends

Hamad is good and respectable man he likes to wash a lot, his body is also good, not fat or skinny and he likes to buy expensive clothes I do not know why, but his taste in clothes is excellent. Is now a student at the university and works. I have known him before 2 years.

Hamad from United Arab Emirates and living in Ruwais, we met for the first time at the UAE University he was in the third year, and now he graduated from the university after it became difficult to see each other because I am now studying at the University of Zayed, but we communicate through the mobile phone has been the main reason so that my friend’s that young good and loved everyone because high morals.

My Friends and I

We can’t live without friends because we will be alone in our life. I have a lot of friends. Some of them, I knew them when I was child. the rest of my friends. I met them in my university 4 months ago. I like my friends. They are very loyal . they do not try to betray me in his life . I like to play football with them and I like watching movies with them and I like to run with them on the beach. I help my friends in something such

My Daily Life

My daily life is the life that I follow everyday. My daily life consists of my daily duties. My daily life is as follows.

My Life in morning

I get up very early in the morning. It is at five O clocks. Then I pray to god. I wash my face and limbs. I attend the privy. I clean my teeth and tongue. I do the physical exercise. Then I take my bath. After my bath I take breakfast. At 7 a.m. I sit for study. At 9 a.m. I take my meal. Then I rest for fifteen minutes. At half past nine I go to university.

MY life in the evening

In the evening I do prayer unto God. At 6 p.m. I sit for my study. At 9 p.m. I take my supper. Then I go to bed within a minute. I fall in a sound sleep.

My life in the holiday

during the holidays I do not go to university. I study at home and make up my weakness. Sometimes, I go on picnics with my friends. Sometimes I play indoor games. Sometimes I read some books from my university library. In the hot season, I go to university in the morning. During this time, I change my daily routine of life.


I am quite punctual in doing every item of my daily life. Hence, I am never idle and not a single minute is wasted.

My Hobby

I like to talk about my hobby in this topic. First I like to talk about drawing a hobby, I have a talent in drawing, especially in drawing cars since I was small I loved to draw any car I see with the days become good at drawing perfectly and this is one of many fees, I really love this hobby so much that I paint every day so I hope to be one of the best painters in the future , I really love this hobby so much that I am every day I paint so I hope to be one of the best painters in the future because I've seen designs amazing too, sometimes when I see those designs, I felt very disappointed because I can not fee that ingenuity, but now I don’t care because I know some of the ways that will help me to do excellent drawing and this image :


Secondly, I like to talk about my hobby second, which is driving the car. I have a Dodge Viper type car and I love driving maniacally, sometimes when driving my car I see other cars want to race with me, but I beat them easily, and this picture of herThese days the car is very important as they reflect the personality of its owner so I love American cars because they reflect the particular strengths and Dodge Viper this car is very strong but the problem is that the spare parts are expensive so I do not drive them much


My Country

I will talk about my country Saudi Arabia. 100 years ago was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the regions is solitary and scattered, but God made a man whose name unites the King Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him. Then became the Kingdom has one king and became its relations with its neighbors, Saudi Arabia is the largest oil exporter in the world and the grace of God, there are cities beautiful in Saudi Arabia such as Riyadh, the capital, and Mecca Makkah and Jeddah, the Bride of the Red Sea, I live in Jeddah, it is very beautiful city, especially at night, where night life begins at night, in fact, jeddah is the tourist capital of Saudi Arabia such as Dubai in the UAE. And this some picture

Jeddah city

AL- Riyadh


My Family

Will be speaking on this subject about my family. First we'll talk about my father, my father’s a businessman who has a steel plant, a man educated very occasionally travels to China to do some his works, my mom human being Match and has a high school diploma, my brothers are all studying in school, But I am a student, eldest son and the only one who goes to the university. My mother helps a lot in my brothers and I help them study things in home. In the weekend I go I and my family to enjoy sitting in front of the sea and the barbecue, and sometimes we go to my grandmother's house. Sometimes we go to the northern Emirates to enjoy a natural atmosphere and sleep in tents. We have many things we do in our so I hope that God protect us to some of us.