This is me when I went to London

My name is khalfan .I am from U.A.E . We are six in the family. Two boys and four girls. I am a student at Zayed University . It’s a wonderfully University .I like the students and teachers.AndI met new friends . One of my brothers works as a bank manager, and my sisters are married liking a happy life. My father and mother don’t work.Theyjust spend all their time in the farm .
My favorite food is Baryane. We us to eat baryane every week in the farm with my family and friends , and when we finish we go to the camel race to see our camels racing . My best friend is Abdullah Al Qubaisi .We have been friends since we were born.
My favorite movie is Tokyo Drift this movie actually made me so excited about the drifting because I am a fan of cars and I thought of going to Tokyo and taking some drifting lessons.
My favorit movie star is Jaber naghmosh. He live in Ras alkaema .


My Friend and Me
My best friend is Abdallh. He is 18 years old. He is a student at Zayed UniverstyIn the first year. Me and him have been friend since we were born.He also live next to our home. He is so creative in the home or out of course like me .Abdallh mature in the life . He loyal with his family and friends .I like him because he easy-going with me and all our friends .He is also hero in the water cyclr he takes championship in Corniche.Abdallh is creative he always come up with new idea. he is honest with his father he always tell the truth. Every day we meet in our home at 6:pm we study tell we finish then we go to the coffee to sit with our friend and drink coffee. Wean we finish we go to albteen beach to play card . Waen we finish we go to the home .

My Hobbies

When I was a child , my father takes me with him to hunt by falcon. Even though he takes me to Pakistan or to Libya for hunting in holydays in winter. When I was a child my father bought me a falcon to train him to hunt. through weekends I go to Al khatam to train the falcon.

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I have another hobby in summer we go every day to the sea to take down our motor bikes in the sea to go al Maya island or Al Cornish.

And also I love to go with my friends fishing and diving. We enjoy fishing in more than one place in the UAE.

My Favorite Movie

Throughout the past years from my life I can say that I watched plenty on nice movies and also some bad ones but there was that one movie that made me excited which I really liked a lot its named Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. This movie was published 6 years ago In 2006 and I remember that I first watched it in the cinema with my friends on the midnight show because I was so excited about it and I actually watched it again and again and I didn’t get bored of it. This movie shows a story of a young guy who went to the city Tokyo to live with his father and he was a huge fan of cars then he got into a group of people he taught him how to drift and he started competing then he took the name of the best drifter in that region and that’s why it is called Tokyo Drift according to the city and the activity. This movie actually made me so excited about the drifting because I’m a fan of cars and I because of the movie I thought of going to Tokyo and taking some drifting lessons. Finally I can say that the Fast and Furious movie series is awesome and the Tokyo Drift part was the best and I will never get bored of watching it.

DSCF1582.JPGMy daily lifeDSCF1583.JPG

Every day at morning I wake up at 7:00, I wash my face and brush my teeth and eat my breakfast,I go to the univirsty and I enter my English class the class is one hour and half ,I finish the class I go to the club room I play some sports game for a one hour, then I have a lunch for a 15 min with my frindes and studens of the univirsty, after the lunch I go to the English class its also one hour and a half. When I finish from the univirsty I go to home I change my cloths I wear my gym cloths, and I go to the gym for one hour then I go back to home , in home I have a shower ,then I have family gathering I set with my dad mother brothers sisters I tell them what I do this day. I finish from my family gathering I go to my cuzns and frindes, I play with them ps3, I talk to them and laughf with them , when I finish from gathering with my frindes I go to home I have diner with my family,I finish diner I see some movies and I go to bed for sleeping.

My friend


Abdallh he is my best friend .He is 18 years old. He is a student at Zayed University In the first year. He is so creative in the home or out with our friends .He is so fanny of course like me he easy-going with me and all our friends . he is honest with his father he always tell the truth. His house near our house . He like to travel in the summer with me or with his family . every weekend we go to liwa to play on the payks with our friends or we go to gaga island to have fun or fishing we enjoy our time .He is also hero in jet ski always he takes championships in Dubai and Abu Dhai .
Evere day he go to cornashe to play on the bayek waen he finish and taek a shawer .He gose to the gym waen he finish he caem to our home to sit with me and frinds .If he dosen't come mabe he have a home work or he goes with hes family to shopping . He wants to finish the university and work this is hes live.

My countryimagesCA0OARJ4.jpg

I am talking about my country.There are many events in my country in 1971. And the cooperation of our country with people to help them live in the house and build hospitals and schools. When the Union was founded ruling request Attmn people I saw them and take the people. And help the needy. Daulat proud Albader United Arab sons. I love my country because I born In AD .My country has the tallest tower in the world . our country become the famous In the world but we dosen't forget our Civilization and tradition we love it .We have the third largest mosque in the world. My country has luxury hotel in the world. The famuse food in the country is fish, ships, and rice . The traditional clothes is candora and gtra . In UAE the love the desert and the sea. I like the weather in the country and the people.The favorite place in ABU DHABI to have fun itis alfrsan clup there are mane things there to have fun . The important holiday in my country it's nationalday.

My Family

My family is not too big and not too small. Its contain 6 persons .we are tow boys ,four sisters and my parents. We love each other too mach. The oldest brother is ABD ALAZEEZ. He is doctor. AZOOZ worked in twam hospital in AL AIN. He was married and has two sons so he was busy all the time. The second brother after ABD ALAZEEZ is me KALFAN. I m 18 years so I till young. I study in zayed university and that’s my first year in this university that’s what we called foundation stage. I choose university instead to college because I found that university certificate was depended in different fields .My youngest brother was RAKAN. HE was 17 years old . HE in grade 10. RAKAN was so successful in his studying. Also we had two twins’ sisters. They still young .They in grade 11. My last sister was married .She 25 years old. She lives with his husband and his children in Dubai. Every Friday we all met together in my grand father home. We talked, played watched TV and we did a lot of stuff together.