This is me when I was in ALAin

  • I am going to write about myself. My name is Ahmed Edhah AL askaki .I am 18 years old. I am from Abu Dhabi. I live in Khalifaf B City. we lived in the town since three years ago . I like my town because it is very quiet and our neighbours are very kind. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters .my biggest brother's name is Ali. He is intelligent my father depand him in his job.my youngest brother's name is Mohamed . he is spoiled boy . My father loves him very much, he gives him a lot of maney wherea hegets me little maney .My father is a businessman. He has a big company. My favourite food is Fastfood.In fact, I eat burgers everyday. It is a delicious food. I am a student at Zayed University. I like my university because it is huge university and it is luxury and the teachers are very kind so, we love them I just study English in my university. I faced difficulties when I began studying in university but, I met new friends. My best friend is Alawi . He was in my class. I have known him since I was a child. He is loyal. I like watching movies in the cinema. My favourite movie is Under World. I like to listen to music. My favourite song is Endless Love. My favourite movie star is Jabber Nakmoch.this is about me.


Hussain Ali , another good friend of mine.

This is my best friend Salem

Friendship is important in our life because we live in community and .we can’t live without friends because we will be alone in our life. I have a lot of friends.my friend’s names are Maktoom, Ali,Ahmed and Alawi. Some of them, I have knewn them sinceI was a child. . I met the rest of my friend in my university 4 months ago. I like my friends. They are very loyal . they do not try to betray me in their life . I like to play football, to watch movies and to run with them on the beach. I help my friends in something such , I explaining the lession the If they don't understand the lesson anybody can’t complete his homework. I help him how he can answer his homework and If I need helping .they help me in anything. Such, If my car stops on street I will call to one of them and he will come to help me . I love my friends because everyone has some advantages, but my best friend is Alawi because he is intelligent . I ask him in things .Alawi is responsible because his father depends him in his business. He is athletic . He runs three kilometers without stopping. He swims in his swimming pool two hours. He is easy going because he has a lot of friend.I am lucky because I have good friends.


This is me in National day
I love horses

I am going tell you about my hobbies. I have three hobbies . My first hobby, I love to sit on the beach because I feel calm away from the hassle. My second hobby is horse racing . I like the horses. I have two horses in our farm , I was equestrian and I shared in horse ricing. I could run on my horse 80 kilometers, But now , I can’t run on my horse 10 kilometers because I become fat and I lost my agility. My third favourite hobby is swimming. I like to swim in sea with my friends. In winter, I can’t swim in sea so, I swim in my house's swimming pool. My fourth hobby takes some pictures for my friends.my fourth hoppies is camping in desert. I like to go to desert with my friends.we enjoy in desert because we do many things such as. we rent motorcycling and we drive them on sandy hills and we do barbecue and we sleep without air conditioning. these are my hobbies .My finally hobbies is trying every things.this is about my hobbies.Ahmed


This is my eldest in ALAin Championship for amateurs

This is my eldest brother in ALAin

This is my eldest brother in lebanon

I am going to talk about my family. I have three brothers , their names are Mohamed, Ali and Abdullah and three sisters. We live in khailafh P.M my father is a businessman. He has a big company. He is very intelligent because he has not lose in his trade and he can understand what will happen before people because he has experience .He is a series in his business. My mother doesn’t work in any jobBut, she has a difficult job in our house. She cares about us. She cooks food and she makes a delicious food and clean the house .she is a patient because she does house work alone. She doesn’t hire maid. I love my mother so mush.By the way I did not tell you about my biggest brother . His name is ali . He is 30 years old . He married three years ago. But, he divorced his wife three two years ago.He still looking for his life partner. . He works in Dubia .He is a manager in huge company. He is very funny. He has two cars Audi and ChevrolateTohaho.Sometimes he doesn't use his Audi's car .So, I use it to my university. I have happy family.


This is me in my class

This is my breakfast

I am going to talk about my daily life. I always get up at 5 O’clock then I have a shower after that I go to mosque .I come back to my house. I have a breakfast with my parents then I clean my car because it has humidity and I bring my brother to his school then I go to my university. My class begin at 10 O'clock . I stay in my classroom two hours then I have a break two hours.If I am busy or I don't have time .I go to canteen I eat some food .I don't like the canteen's food .it is expensive and doesn't deicious . sometimes when I have time . I leave the university to other restaurant with my friends. we eat dicious food and it is cheap. after that we come back to our university .then we I play tennis with friends .we spend a good time in the break then I have class two hours, after that I go back to my house. I take a shower then I eat a lunch with my family after that I take a nap and I go to mosque with my father and two brothers and we walk in town one hour then I study two hours in my bedroom. Nobody disturb me because I close the door. I sit with family and we have a dinner then I go to sleep after that my day finish.


This is my dream in future

I am going to talk about my future . I am a student at Zayed University . I am just study English in this course . English is very difficult . I still faced difficulties so, I suggested to father to travel toBritan in this summer he agreed to the proposal and I want to stay two month after that I am going to get ELS and I am going to record general in my university . I am going to study one year and half year after that I am going to specialize in IT because it is difficult specialize, after I finish the university,Iam going to take rest one month then I am going to look for job . I want to work in department finance. If I find in department finance or I going to look for banks then I will work one year and I will save some money then I will study master at Zayed University then I want to travel to china because I want to identify Chinese culture and I want to learn Chinese language because it is important learn many languages and I want to travel France because want to visit parse city and I want to visit lover museum and visit Afil tower and I want to learn French language I love travelling. I would like to live in Al reem Island because I like to live near sea I hope to marry a beautiful girls I wish to have two son and one daughter .


This is my best movie

I am going to talk about my favourite movie . Movies are important in my life. There are many kind of movies but, I like action movies because it has a lot of events in movies and I enjoy it and I like to watch it in the cinema especially if it is 3D .I like to watch it with my friends . it is expensive but it is very exciting sometimes I rent some movies and I sell chips and I invent my friends then we watch it. I like drama movies because it tell us about the problems are in our society and it has really stories . sometimes it gets us some solution. I spend a good time with my family when we watch it. I dislike romance because it is very born and If I find it in any channel show romance movie I change the channel and I swarted to break our TV If I find any romance movie in the TV but girls love this kind of movies. I don’t know but, I thank girls are very silly .I watched two romance movies after that Admonishes my self because I waste my time and spent my maney on silly movies. My favourite movies are Under wourld and trioy because they are very interesting and have a lot of events. These movies deserve to watch them . My favourite actor is Tom Crose and don`t ask me why because I don’t have answer.


This is the greatest and wisest commander in the world

This is Sheikh Khalifa, President of the United Arab Emirates

·I am going to talk about my country there are many events in my country . there are many events in 1971 .Forty years ago there is no state called the United Arab Emirates. But , Sheikh Zayed, made ​​an effort took years for the Founder of the United Arab Emirates in 1971. Sheikh Zayed was first president . He was very kind .But , he died in 2004 .Now ,the president of my country is Sheikh Khlifh .He is wise and very kind . I love my country because it has beautiful places such as .Sheikh Zayed Mosque . it is the third biggest mosque in the world . I visit it many times. Second place is corniche . it beautiful place. When I feel boring .I go to it .After that , I feel better and I go to Dubai every weekend and in vacation and the important holidays in my country are national day .there are many traditionalclothes in my country such as . Lets me tell you about our traditional clothes .men wear white clothes . Its names is ALcindorh .But girls wear red or green or blue dress. Its name is ALmikor.there are many kind of food in my country. Their names are AL hirece and ALkhbese . But . the famous food in my country is ALmkbose. Finally ,I love my country.
This is Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This is Emirate Palace Hotel