Forum 1: Introducing Me

• Where are you from?
My name is Abdullah Butti Almazrouie. I am from Abu Dhabi. It is the capital of UAE .
• How many people are in your family?
there are many people in my family but in the home there are: my grand parents , my parents and my brother.
• What is your favorite kind of food?
i like petzza , pasta , mak chekin , healthy food and many difrant food but my favorite is
• What do you like to do with your friends?
I like to go weth my friend
• Who is your best friend? How long have you been friends?
i have many friend
• What is your favorite movie?
i like 5.. , comeed and acsh... but my favorite move is car resseng and some thing like that . i love fast and furest but esbksbly fast 5
• What is your favorite song?
i like the songs in that move , it make you exiting and give you like pawer.i like inglish song and anthe buteful song in anther langwethch but i have smol problem in the mining . arabic still my favorite song meby becas i no the exactly meaning of song mebe becoss the crazy sawnd in mehad hamad oud .
• Who is your favorite movie star?
but we bak to move the rok , Ez , but my favorite is V.D
• Tell us something surprising about you.
i kant tell you more than u see !! ^_&