ÒMy name is Abdulazeez .I’m 18 years old . I’m from UAE . I’m single and I’m student at Zayed University .Zayed university is a very huge institution. It holds more than 4000 students. In my family there are six brothers and 7 sisters also my father and Mother so, it's a big family .I love my family very much . My favorite kind of food is fish and rice. I eat fish and rice every Friday with my family . I like to do many things with my friends for example like playing football and I like studying with them. My best friend's name is Ali. We have been best friends for six years .My favorite movie is under world and the teams it very interesting . My favorite songs is Arabic song I love Meehad Hamed. I love his song ,its name Ahob albar wlmazyoon and English song . My favorite movie star is Adel Emam I love him very much because he is very funny . I love his film , its name Bakhit and Adila .

And this is the biggest trouble maker Jasim
This is my sister Dhabiya


From left to right Abdelazeez,Abderahman,Abdallah. Iam sitting on the left near Ahmed

I will talk about my best friend . His name is Ali Alflahy .Ali is tall and thin he is very handsome so many girs want talk with Ali and want be his friend . He is mature and he stays with his father for along times he loves his father very much because he is old man and Ali learn many think about his life. He is athletic and smart because he likes study hard and read many books. he usually runs about 3 kilometer and he swims in his swimming pool 3 time in the week so, he have good health and good body . He is intelligent because he understand any information and he is excellent in the math and physics . He is polite and peaceful because he respects the views of others and think before do things . He is easy going because he has a lot of friends . He is responsible his father depend him in his job. All his friends know Ali and they like ali. Everyone wants to be like ali.


this is me in my class

I’m going to talk about my daily life .Every day I get up at 6 o'clock . First, I take a shower then I have my breakfast with my family .We eat eggs and lots of orange juice . Then, I start my car and off I go to university. Sometimes, my class starts at 8 o'clock , others at 10o' clock then it finishes sometimes at 1o' clock or at 3 o' clock.I like gramer but I do not really like writing because its difficult after I finish my class . I come back to home at 4 o'clock . I feel too tired . I have a lunch with my family . Then I go to my bedroom to take a nap for 2 hours. Then I get up at 9 o'clock . If I have homework, I do it if I don’t have homework I go out to cofe with my friends . when I return to home I spend most of my time with my family chatting with them .After that, I watch TV my best series.finally I go to sleep after wonderful day. that’s my daily life .


I am going to take about my hobbies I have three hobbies .My first hobby play football I love this hobby I play with my friends in the park for three hours playing it's so beautiful . My second hobby is hours riding I like this hobby because my father teach me when I was child and he supports me so,I know how to ride and run fast that all return to my father because he teach me and I have five hours in my farm I could ride it when I want. My third hobby is take photo I like take beautiful photo for nature you can called me photographer.I take a beautiful pictures when I travel to America. I think that I spouse to be photographer.My finally hobby is camping in the desert. We spend a good time . We do many things for example . We do barbecue and we drive motorcycling and we sleep in the desert .


Now I'm going to talk about my future my career. I want to be some one all people know him . when I was child my father was encourage me to do my homework's he know that in some day I will be come famous man in the world. So, from that day I work hard and hard to get that rank . I must have potential to be the best not just doing homework. When I finish from my university I will visit many countries such as, France , Spain , Turkey and England. I want to live and work in America. When I grow up I want to meet president of U.S. and sheikh khalifa.I dream my family be famous family and I hope the best.


Now I going to talk about my favorite movies. I like action movies it make you interesting and you feel that you are in the movie and I like romance movie because it has a good story and I enjoy when I see the girls crying. But, I don’t like drama movies it make me boring and there is no things make you interesting. Now I going to tell you my favorite movies such as, Bad boys , X-men and The dark knight. I like these movies because it has a lot of action and moves not like other. My favorite actor is Tom Cruise . I want to meet Cruise because I love his movies he so awesome and cool. I hope to meet and talk with him .But, I do not like Angelina Jolie because her movie is boring and I do not feel any interesting when I see her movie .


Now I going to talk you about my family. We are 12 seven boys and five girls including me. My family so beautiful and big. In my family there are a lot of children so you can’t take rest at all they want from you to play with them .My father he is old man he is funny and he love us very much.I love my mother so much she doesn't work in any job but she works hard in our house . My biggest brother and his name Nasser he always in his room I don’t saw him many times he all the time studying for his collage .I love my little brother because he is make trouble and he is very smart . I have sister and she married she has two twins . my family always in night have a lot of chatting about funny things that happens. After we finish from dinner all my family play handball or football outside . I have a very happy family what’s about you my friend.


Now I’m going to talk to you my homeland my place . there is many events happened in UAE in 1971 this is most famous number the day of federation and another event is National day this is the best day all people come out in the street celebrate and dance. The most important leaders is sheikh Zayed may Allah have mercy on him he drive this country to the high rank. Now our leader is khalifa he will continue what sheikh Zayed built. The most thing I love in my country is the cloths. The most important tradition is the kind cloths and dance . the most famous places in UAE are liwa and tree island .